About Us

Corporate Express, Inc. is a charter motor coach business, located in Brooklyn, NY. We provide exceptional service that knows how to drive safe, comfortably and on time. Our business was built by ground transportation professionals with over thirty (30) years of expertise - so we know how to exceed our customers expectations.

Meeting your transportation needs is the reason Corporate Express exists! We have been a leader in the corporate transportation field for 30 years for one reason. We are committed to fulfilling the needs, wants and expectations of people like you by providing the most beneficial transportation solutions. Our entire team at Corporate Express is dedicated to providing you with the best possible value to meet your needs.

Our business Philosophy is based on the Golden Rule...that is, to treat other people the way we would want to be treated. We have truly been blessed as we have followed this principle, but the primary person to benefit from our way of doing business is you. Your transporation needs will be met by our commitment to your satisfaction as we provide the highest quality service.

Corporate Express prides itself on its impeccable reputation. We have been providing many Fortune 500 companies as well as small to mid size businesses with dependable courteous and safe transportation for two decades.

The convenience of having your own private company bus not only provides your company with expedience but offers a pleasant commute for your employees.

Produce a happy work environment for your employees and improve employee productivity and loyalty!

We provide shuttle service to all branch offices, important meetings, or to wherever your employee's destinations are!

Our Expert drivers are highly trained professionals who are required to pass a rigorous pre-employment background check. We take pride in offering our customers safe and dependable service. Our Reputation exceeds your expectations.

With over thirty years experience, Corporate Express has the ability and know-how to offer more than just transportation arrangements such as lodging and event tickets. Plus we offer preformed tours and trips to many of the United State's most popular destinations including Canada, so let us make your next trip a Corporate Express Event.